We are so blessed to have such an amazing team at restaurant north. There is no walls that divide us, we are a true team and we play hard together each and every night at restaurant north. We look forward to many more memories in the years to come!



Stephen paul mancini | owner

Biggest Inspiration in Your Life : My Father

Dream Vacation : A Suite at Trigoria for the Week, Roma, IT, SPQR | Forza Roma Sempre

Last Meal : My Grandmother Lina's House on a Sunday in the middle of the summer. 

Most Hated Foods : Watercress & Water Chestnuts, I hate the texture... oh and Malt Balls

Pool or Pond? : Infinity Pool


matt casino | executive chef

Biggest Inspiration in Your Life : Mom

Dream Vacation : Agriturismo Bartoli... Truffle Hunting

Last Meal : Bucatini a la Carbonara

Most Hated Foods : Seitan

Pool or Pond? : Pond - Beavertail Trout Hatchery


Chris Bethoney | Executive SOus Chef

Biggest Inspiration in Your Life  : Lilly

Dream Vacation : Anywhere I can't be found

Last Meal : Tacos, Dumplings, Green Chili Stew, Red Chili Tamales, Jerk Chicken Roti, Spicy PHO with Oxtail Rare Beef & Pork

Most Hated Foods : Licorice

Pool or Pond? : Pond


Kim Fraser | Events Manager

Biggest Inspiration in Your Life : Kiera

Dream Vacation : Camping Across The Country

Last Meal : Bacon

Most Hated Foods : Anything Spicy

Pool or Pond? : Sitting on a rock in the sun in the middle of a river!


Danny Roosevelt | assistant beverage director | SOMMELIER

Biggest Inspiration in Your Life : Keith Richards and My Mom

Dream Vacation : Morocco

Last Meal : A crust of Bread and Good Butter. Some Good wine too, of course

Most Hated Foods : Cheetos

Pool or Pond? : Pool, preferably with a grotto

Luca guliani | Original team member | Bar manager

Biggest Inspiration in Your Life : Luca Cordero di Montezemolo

Dream Vacation : Polynesia

Last Meal : Bucatini all'Amatriciana

Most Hated Foods : Olives & Sardines

Pool or Pond? : Pond


miguel moscoso | market manager

Biggest Inspiration in Your Life : God

Dream Vacation : Dubai

Last Meal : Chicharrón

Most Hated Foods : Pasta & Meatballs

Pool or Pond? : Pond