Our Story is our team

Celebrating over 6 Years of excellence

Former Union Square Cafe Wine & Spirit Director Stephen Mancini and former Union Square Cafe Sous Chef Eric Gabrynowicz join forces again, but this time in Armonk, NY at the new, Restaurant North. Restaurant North is known for its farm driven American fare, educated approach to wine & spirits and unparalleled hospitality.

Since opening its doors in June 2010, Restaurant North and its culinary team have been nominated for the James Beard Foundation Award Four Times. Restaurant North and it's team prides itself in being the national benchmark for not only culinary excellence but also food system advocacy. After the Departue pf Original chef Eric Gabrynowicz in the fall of 2016, Understudy Chef Matt Casino took after where his forefather left off, excellence. Today, Restaurant North is stronger then ever, young, educated and excited as ever to make a difference.

Restaurant North’s nuanced dishes reflect careful attention to balancing textures and flavors. Their farm-fresh cuisine is inventive but, like the restaurant itself, not at all pretentious or stuffy.
— eater.com