Market North



Market North was opened in the summer of 2015 by the owners of Restaurant North. Market North is a dynamic concept that fulfills the niche of "Fast Casual" and "Artisanal Coffee Shop". In addition to honestly sourced sustainable food created by the award winning culinary team of Restaurant North, a unique private dinning experience known as "The Chef's Table" also exists. Market North is loved by the community as it offers a place to casually dine everyday. 

The inspiration behind the Market North came from allover the world and is based healthy, easy living. When we did research Ottolenghi in London fueled our fire, the commitment to vegetables, grains and simple, healthy dining was truly inspiring. Turning to the states, "New California Cusine" really took our soul and attention. Recent visits to Los Angles and San Fransisco have brought inspiration from spots such as Sqirl in Silver Lake and Bar Tartine in the Mission Dolores district of San Francisco. 

As we at North continue to push towards a sustainable food system and clean and healthy living, the Market was a "no brainer". Check out our Market Website for more information and join us soon. Also check out our mobile app in the app store, Market North, for fast and convenient pickup.